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[2021 Updated]

Here below are 100+ Stores with Great Student Discount - Top Stores & Tips For 2021

Annual Back to School witnesses thousands of promotions from stores throughout the world, it's no less bustling compared to Biggest Sale Days during the year such Black Friday or Christmas. There are even stores that offer discounts and coupons all year round in order to help students save on their expenses. Kinds of products and services coming with student coupons are very various, ranging from clothes, footwear to food, travel, and much more.

That where to get the best student coupons is the common question of many. For students, it is recommended to choose to buy from online stores because for the current market, online shopping is by far the most popular. In fact, buying from websites tends to bring consumers more gifts, coupons, and deals than buying in-store. In helping students find the best stores for saving, below is the list of ideal online stores offering great student discounts.

Top Stores with Student Coupons 2021

The list of stores below is categorized based on the type of product or services of each.


Clothing is indispensable and is one of the most purchased. Therefore, discounts on clothing are greatly loved by students.

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American Eagle

Known as a long-standing clothing supplier, American Eagle also provides fashion products for both men and women and has got many positive reviews from consumers. As a student, by joining UNiDAYS, you can save 20% in-store or online.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is known as a lifestyle retailer that is famous for a unique combination of product, creativity, and cultural understanding. Urban Outfitters offers various types of products from women’s, men’s accessories to home product assortments. By buying at Urban Outfitters, a student can get an extra 10% off site-wide. 

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing provides girls with beautiful fashion products from clothing to shoes and accessories. Pretty Little Thing offers buyers a discount of 20% as long as they are students. In addition, the store also gives out many discount programs all year round to serve customers.


The name seems to be so familiar to fashion lovers all over the world. Every year, Adidas offers many different discount occasions to serve its fans. It manufactures different products to serve its different customers and of course, the giant in sports fashion knows how to satisfy its customers. Adidas also has its own way to help students save.



Missguided is named in the list thanks to the discount of 50% it offers students. This is an ideal place for women's fashion. Even, when it has not come with discount programs, products at Missguided are also rated as affordable.

Nasty Gal

The girl clothing store beloved with great regular discounts. The fashion products here are chosen for their originality and personality. It has long been the favorite choice of many girls and women. Students are one of the top priority customers at Nasty Gal. The store can sometimes offer students up to 55% off site-wide.


Express is a great choice for both young women and men fashion, for everything from outfits for job interviews to weekend parties. The number of students accounts for a large portion of its customers, so Express always has special offers for them.

Club Monaco

This is a clothing store with affordable products. The products here are geared towards the classic style and include both men and women clothing. Club Monaco has a separate section for Student Discount that as a student, you can get a lot of great offers.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic offers diverse designs. Its product is a harmonious combination of classic and contemporary trends. Through elaborate designs, Banana Republic brings meticulously tailored clothing and accessories made of superior materials. Every year, Banana Republic offers a variety of discount programs and has special promotions for students.

Charlotte Russe 

Charlotte Russe offers customers the latest clothing, footwear, and accessory trends. It makes people satisfied with competitive prices and fashionable clothing. Charlotte Russe will give you 10% off sitewide if you are a student. 

Sports Shoes

The store is named on the list of best stores for sport shoes. Youngsters choose this place for dynamic personality shoes. For students, a discount of 10% is available. You simply register with Student Beans to verify your student status and get your student discount.


Certainly, many students are looking for coupons for Nike items because its products are not cheap. However, Nike offers a 20% discount to eligible high school, college, and university students in the US. Previously, their student discount was 10% and recently increased to 20%.


JD Sports

This is a store offering sports items beloved by many youngsters. At the store of JD Sports, you can find latest and greatest products of major brands including Adidas, Nike, Sik Silk, and Vans. JD Sports offers students a discount of 10% off their purchases. 


ASICS is rated as the top brand for the sports enthusiast. Products of ASICS gives users a youthful and comfortable feeling. They greatly support people in playing sport. Currently, ASICS offers a 20% Student Discount for online shopping. 



School supplies are very familiar to students, they are indispensable for their studying.  

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FedEx Express

FedEx Express is known as a large express transportation company. It offers fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories. With a student ID, you can get a discount of 30% on document and 20%  on shipping service. 


With over 200 stores nationwide, you can trust Ryman as a reliable destination for all your student essentials. A student will be offered a 10% discount with Ryman and London Graphic Centre in-store and online. 


It seems that most of us know Amazon, a giant in e-commerce. At Amazon, you can get free two-day shipping for six months, plus discounted Prime and student discounts on all kinds of products only by verifying you as a student. 



This is a large specialty retailer of fabrics and crafts. Its main products include fabric, sewing, and quilting items, scrapbooking supplies, basic crafts, yarn, needle art supplies, floral items, and many more. Jo-Ann offers a discount of 10% on all purchases for students aged 14 and older who register with the Jo-Ann Student Discount Program. gives out a lot of promotions annually. As a student, you can save up to 80% on school supplies, including scissors, notebooks, post-it notes, tape, pens, pencils, binders, folders, push pins, and bulletin boards.


Alphabet Deal

Alphabet Deal is the choice of many students for school supplies. Almost all the necessary school supplies can be found here. At Alphabet Deal, students can buy 18-piece school supply kits with half of its price. 


Target offers a variety of products and school supplies are one of them. There are many different items for buyers to choose. For student coupons, you can get a discount of up to 60% on backpacks and other school supplies. Backpacks starting at $10.



At FiveStar, buyers can save 50% on school supplies. The items applied discount include folders, notebooks, dry erase boards, binders, push bin boards, pencil pouches, calendars, and planners.


Paperchase is a top destination for students t find new and different gifts, cards, and stationery. It is rated as the leader in innovative, design-led stationery, cards and gift-wrap. Paperchase offers students 10% off their purchases. 



Bookstores are the favorite place for many students. For people who love books, they even save money for buying books. Therefore, coupons for books are expected by many people.  

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Guilford Press

Guilford Press offers books on various fields such as Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Education, Research Methods, Economics and Business, Geography, and many more. They also provide e-books. On the site of Guilford Press, full-time students can get a discount of 40% on books, videos, newsletters, and journals…

Powell’s Books

This is a great online store for both new and used books. It is rated as one of the most reliable online bookstores in the world. You can get your favorite book there at a low cost or you can buy with huge coupons. Powell’s Books offers free shipping for the order of $50 and up. 


The store is an ideal choice for people who love fiction books. You can basically read books on for free. Here you can share great books and get great books from others. BookMooch is an international community, so it will be good for people who like books that aren’t available in the US or books in other languages. 


Foyles is a famous bookstore with a wide range of books. Books on Foyles are clearly classified by field and by age. Especially, there are many great books for children there. As a student buying at Foyles, you can get 10% off all purchases all year round, for both online and instore. 

Water Stones

You can get a variety of books on the bookstore of Water Stone from fiction books to non-fiction books. This is the favorite choice of many parents for children's books. If you are a student, you can sign-up and get a discount of 5% on all purchases. 

Thrift Books

This is a bookstore with a commitment to environmental protection. It partners with many libraries and other vendors to recycle used books. The prices of books here are extremely low and many attractive deals are also available. The store is ideal for students to save.

The New York Times

The New York Time seems to be a very familiar name for many. It currently has a campaign for readers who are students, specifically as a student, you can get unlimited articles on any device with $2.00 every 4 weeks. 



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Apple Store

Owning an Apple product is relatively difficult for students with low or no income. However, Apple also offers a discount of up to $200 on a new Mac. That is applied for customers who have been accepted to college students.



Lenovo has a very special discount program for student customers. You just need to visit Lenovo's website and select your school on the site, and you’ll get access to offers and discounts on Lenovo’s laptops and much more.


By using any products of HP, students can take advantage of exclusive education discount savings for custom PCs through HP Academy.


Similar to HP, through Dell University, students can be offered special savings packages designed for education. 


Only by entering your school email address on Sprint’s website to check if you’re eligible, you can enjoy the Sprint Discount Program available through many colleges and universities. 

Paul C. Buff

This is a store specializing in providing photographic equipment. Whether you are a photography student or simply love taking photos, you can get 10% off all purchases at Paul C. Buff with their student discount.


The app of Adobe is very popular for photo editing. If you are a student, you can choose Adobe software for cheap by purchasing student edition software, including Acrobat and Creative Suite. In addition, college student can get a big 60% discount on Creative Cloud.


Protection software for your PC, Mac is very essential. As a student, you can save on it with the student discount of Norton. A discount of 50% is always available on Norton. 


AT&T is a large mobile service provider and fixed phone service provider in the United States. Students can enjoy discounts on wireless phones and services by validating your email address on its website.


WordsRU is known for offering professional academic and proofreading online. It offers students a discount of 10% on their editing jobs with their International Student ID Card.


With your International Student Identity Card, you can protect your gadgets with a discount of 20% and free worldwide shipping at Kinleaves.  

B&H Photo Video

If you are a student and looking for items serving imaging and audio, it will be great. With the B&H EDU Advantage students discount program, you can get discounted prices on thousands of products in imaging and audio. 


LOGITECH provides personal computer or tablet accessories such as keyboards, computer mice, microphones, gaming devices, webcams...As a student, you can get 30% off all purchases on 


If you are a Sony fan and want to own its products as a student, you should know about its student discount. Check out the Sony Education Store for up to 10% off special pricing for college students



If you are still a student, you can get Fujitsu products at low prices. Students can save 5% on Lifebook notebook and Tablet PCs on the Fujitsu website. The only requirement is that you’ll need to call in advance in order to get the discount. 

Amazon Student

Amazon has a special promotion for students. There, any student can buy any products on Amazon, even electronic items with great discounts, and is offered free shipping.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a top source of electric and digital products. Millions of items are always available. You only need to sign up for Best Buy's college student deal to get promo codes emailed to you.




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Saving on food and drink is to save on daily expenses. Therefore, student discounts on food, drink, and healthcare services can help students save a considerable amount. 


Arby’s is a beloved destination of people for burger. Burgers with various flavors are a big plus of Arby’s and the favorite choice of many. As a student, you can get 10% off your entire meal with your college student ID.


Chipotle offers a focused menu of burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, and salads made from fresh, high-quality raw ingredients. By showing student ID, the store gives students a free small drink when you get a burrito the size of a log. 

Waffle House

It is great to take a visit to your local Waffle House after the bars close. You can save 10% by showing your server your college student ID. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is known as a medium restaurant but offers delicious meals in America. It is beloved by many students because the price fits their budget. At many Buffalo Wild Wings locations, you can save 10% on your meal by simply asking. 


Chick-fil-A is an American fast-food store chain that specializes in offering chicken sandwich. At all Chick-fil-A locations throughout the countries, you can get 10% off your purchases by showing your student ID card. Additionally, some stores also give you a free small drink. 



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The Body Coach

The Body Coach offers an online nutrition plan to help people transform their bodies. The owner, Joe Wicks is a man with a lot of great knowledge, he gives people the knowledge they need to get a lean, healthy strong body without going hungry. The Body Coach offers students a discount of 40% when ordering online. 


The PureGym are currently well known for over 100 free workouts, including exclusive PureGym classes that are all available on-demand. By signing up for a Unidays account, you can get the service of The PureGym with a discount of up to 30%.

Les Mill

Les Mills On Demand provides more than 800 of your favorite workouts across 13 categories. The workouts offered by Les Mills On Demand range from 15 to 55 minutes and there are options for all fitness levels. Les Mills On Demand offers 25% Student Discount after a 14-day free trial.


Myprotein is known as the leading sports nutrition brand. It offers a quality product line including protein powders, vitamins and minerals, protein-rich foods, healthy snack foods, and fitness apparel, high-quality sports. Myprotein offers students 40% off their purchases and even many more great deals. 

Muscle Food

Muscle Food is an ideal destination for healthy food. It is chosen by people who are in a diet or do the gym. The food sold at Muscle Food often includes lean meats and supplements. It offers 10% Student Discount for buying online. 

Science in sport

Science In Sport provides the service of working with outstanding athletes to help you improve your body and health. It also pushes the boundaries of science and nutrition to bring the best way for health improvement. Science In Sport gives students a discount of 20% for any purchase.


HelloFresh provides you with fresh, quality pre-portioned ingredients and a constantly changing menu of more than 20 delicious recipes. Many customers get delicious meals thanks to HelloFresh. Currently, it is offering a 10% Student Discount. You can take advantage of it to save on your food expenses while having nutritious foods. 


Ray-Ban is known as the best-selling brand in the premium eyewear market. Its products are famous for being high quality, fashionable as well as protecting user eyes. They are the first choice of the most demanding customers. With a Unidays account, you can get a lot of discounts on Ray-Ban items and for students, Ray-Ban offers a discount of 25%. 


IdealFit is chosen by many college students for workout plans, recipes, supplements, protein powders, and protein bars because it is specially formulated to help them balance between a healthy lifestyle and daily busy studying. This is a perfect choice for those who start a fitness journey. With a Student Bean account, you can get an extra 23% student discount.  

Tone & Sculpt

Tone & Sculpt gives its customers a guide for their fitness journey. Their home and gym workout guides are all specially designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Additionally, Tone & Sculpt also offers tasty, nutritious meals categorized to the personal dietary needs of each. Currently, Tone & Sculpt provides students an unlock 15% discount with Student Beans.  



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Bed Bath & Beyond

This shop is quite reputable in offering kitchen or bedroom appliances. Products here are diverse and sold at affordable prices, suitable for students and all families. At Bed Bath & Beyond, simply by signing up for exclusive college emails, you will get 20% off one item in stores.


PBTeen offered an exclusive range of furniture, bedding, lighting, decor and gifts online and in-store across the US. The store can provide both classic and modern styles. The products here are suitable for all spaces and easily designed. For student discounts, students can save 15% off any order with a valid student ID or .edu email address.


Overstock provides almost all products for home decor. At, you can get Club O Membership for free and enjoy free shipping, 5% in rewards dollars, extra rewards up to 40%, and more.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a leading membership wholesale club. It provides various products and services at outstanding values. As a student, you can get a $10 e-gift card when you sign up for Sam’s Club collegiate membership ($45).

West Elm

West Elm offers various products in furniture and home decor including bedding, rugs, lighting, mirrors, frames, baskets, vases, bath accessories, dinnerware, and many more. As college students, you can save 15% on a purchase and stock up on dorm room decor.



For girls, cosmetics and makeup products seem to be indispensable. They are the companion of all beautiful girls and cosmetic coupons for girl students are great gifts. 

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MAC Cosmetics 

At MAC Cosmetics, girls can find many quality and lovely cosmetic and makeup products. Its products are for all ages and students can completely find the items they satisfy and the items fits their budget. By joining UNiDAYS, students can receive a promo code for 10% off all favorite MAC products. 

Sally Beauty Supply

The store is ideal for products serving hair dying, hair care, beauty, nail and more. It gives out an offer for students only, which is that just signing up for a Beauty Student Savings card, students can receive exclusive monthly savings and coupons.


Sigma is known for makeup products made from high-quality and safe ingredients. No one doesn't want to own its products at a low cost. There is a chance for students that they can save 10% of all orders of Sigma’s cult-favorite brushes, brush cleaners, and all makeup when entering the unique student code. 

e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics is an ideal choice for people who are looking for an affordable, high-quality, and cruelty-free alternative to overpriced makeup brands, which is very suitable for students with a tight budget. Even so, e.l.f. Cosmetics still offers student customers a discount of 15% on all purchases.

FragranceNet is a long-standing brand of cosmetics, skincare, haircare products. It offers over 18,000 genuine brand name fragrances, skincare products, cosmetics, and many more at discounts up to 80% off the prices of department stores. In addition, as a student, you can enjoy 30% off your order.  


This is a wellbeing beauty brand offering beauty and skincare products made from natural ingredients. Its products not only are famous for skin protection but also come with effortless scents supporting mental health. Students with Student Bean can get 15% off when buy products here. 

Winky Lux

Winky Lux's products are well-known for being cruelty-free, affordable, glamorous, and unique. It is commented as a perfect choice for students who want self-expression without a high price tag. Over the years, products here are highly-evaluated for both price and quality. If you are a student, you can join Student Bean to enjoy the coupon code of 15% off. 


Foreo offers a skincare device that gives you a unique skin caring experience. Specifically, Luna facial massager was born and designed with the goal of helping people reduce wrinkles and minimize the appearance of blemishes on every skin type. You can use Foreo student discount code offered by Student Bean at the checkout to enjoy 17% off your order.


Top Discounts, Tips & FAQs

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How do I get a student discount?

Students are those with the lowest income, therefore, many of them are seeking for student discounts to save on their expenses. There are a lot of ways that a student can use to get big discounts:

Get Free Amazon Student Prime 

Everyone knows that Amazon is a giant in e-commerce and consumer can find anything there. It is the choice for students for cheap items from school supplies, books to clothing, footwear, and many others. As a student, you should know Prime Student of Amazon that can bring you many attractive offers such free trials, free shipping, or up to 50% off your purchases. 


Hunt for Student Discount

Because tuition fees and living expenses cost students a considerable amount of money, you should be proactive in seeking discounts for other expenses. 

Many stores tend to give out huge student discounts at certain times of the year, which is the chance for you to shop for necessary items.  

- For school supplies, Amazon Prime Student is ideal with regular discounts, up to 50%

- For clothing, accessories, and cosmetics, ASOS is recommended, with doubling its student discount to 20% multiple times throughout the year.

- For food, you can consider Pizza Hut Student Discount that has been previously doubled from 20% to 40%. 

Use student discount online

Shopping online always gives us more coupons and deals than buying in-store. As buying from online stores, you sometimes cannot use your student ID card. However, you can take advantage of student support sites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans, which will be of great help when buying at ASOS, Apple, and more. 

Ask if stores have student discount whenever you can

Sometimes, the store will forget to notify you about their discount program, so you should always ask them for that. Don't hesitate because it is your benefit.  

Always take student card with you

Your student card is the basis for stores to offer student discounts, so you will be disadvantaged if you don't keep it with. It may not be helpful for online shopping but it can bring you benefits whenever you buy in-store. 

In general, it is always better to take with your student card, you can save anytime anywhere. 

How to get a student discount card?

For different providers, we have different ways to sign up for a student card. However, in general, all tend to follow a similar format. Here, we take NUS as an example.

1: Visit and click “Join Now” in the top right corner

2: Type into the box your email address -- and confirm it

3: Enter your course provider

4: Enter your course details including length of study, discipline, etc.

5: Choose your expected card and any add-ons

6: Upload a photo of yourself

7: Enter your personal information

8: Payment 

How do students get a UNiDAYS code?

The reason we mention UNiDAYS for student discounts is that it provides students with some great discounts and is a great support for students to save. So, how to get a UNiDAYS student code?

You need to register for a Unidays account:

- Of course, the mandatory requirement for a Unidays account, you must be a student of a college or university with an email address directly from that institution. 

- Then, after registering for Unidays account, Unidays will send you an email to the registered address and you will need to verify your student status by replying.

- The required age to get a Unidays account is 16. In case, you are 16-17 years old, you will need the consent of a parent or legal guardian. 

- Registering for Unidays is completely free and you can benefit from it until you are no longer a college or university student. 

Top Unidays Discounts

Up to 50% off Tommy Hilfiger's purchase -- GET DISCOUNT

Up to 50% off Boutique and Love Moschino -- GET DISCOUNT

Up to 70% off finishing touches for Pride --GET DISCOUNT

Up to 35% Student Discount at HP -- GET DISCOUNT

40% Off snacks, protein and vitamins with My protein -- GET DISCOUNT

What discounts can you get with UNiDAYS?

As a student, you can save on thousands of products with UNiDAYS,

1. Clothing

ASOS Discounts 

- Extra 20% off womenswear dresses

- Extra 20% off menswear shoes

- Up to 70% off selected ASOS items 

- 10% student discount 

The Hut Discounts

- 35% Off Myprotein

Urban Outfitters Discount 

- Up to 70% Off + 10% student discount

- 10% Student Discount

2. Food & Drink

Milano Discount 

- 30% Off Food and Drink (Applied on Sunday – Thursday weekly)

Dominos Discount 

- 35% Student Discount 

The Protein Works Discount 

- 45% Student Discount 

Virgin Experience Days Discount

- Extra 20% Student Discount

3. Technology 

Apple Discounts 

- Personalize your new iPad and AirPods with free engraving 

- Up to 10% Student Discount applied on a new Mac or iPad

- For eligible device, get credit towards a new Mac or iPad

- One year free Apple TV + Buy a new Mac or iPad


- 20% Student Discount

- Up to 40% Off summer Sale 

- 30% of Beauty Box Subscriptions

Lenovo Discounts

- Up to 20% Student Discount

GHD Discounts

- 10% Student Discount

4. Beauty 

Charlotte Tilbury Discounts

- 30% Off Selected Items 

- Up to 22% Off Selected Sale

- 10% Student Discount

bareMinerals Discounts

- 10% Student Discount


- 20% Off Student Discount

- Up to 40% Off Summer Sale

- 30% Off Beauty Box subscriptions 

There are still many discounts applied to other products such as fashion accessories, health and fitness on Unidays. Register student account and get discounts.

What I need to sign up for Student Bean account?

As the best source for student discounts, Student Bean helps students save a lot on their expenses. However, it is easy to sign up for a Student Bean account, all you need is an academic email address, then you can access many student discounts online and in-store for free. 


Student Discount Cards Every Student Should Have

There are many kinds of cards that you can use for getting discounts. Following is student discount cards recommended:

NUS Discount Card

This is one of the most popular student discount cards. It was born with the goal of helping students have an easier and cheaper life. The card is owned by NUS and is the latest NUS Extra card entitling you to get student coupons from loads of major stores. The card only costs you £12 per month and as estimated, a student can save £500 with NUS on average. 


This is a card used widely by students for saving in both online and in-store shopping. With this card, you can save up to 50%, which depends on the store you buy from. There are many popular brands that you can get discounts with UNiDAYS cards, typically ASOS, Apple, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. 

University student ID card

It will be of great help to always take your university student ID card with you. This card comes with your personal information, the name of your university and so on. For some stores offering student discounts, your student card can be considered as the discount card. Therefore, taking advantage of your student ID card to save is a smart way. 

International Student Identity Card

An ISIC card gives you access to student services internationally with access to thousands of student benefits and discounts in more than 130 countries. It mainly focuses on products such as accommodation, food, or trips abroad. Therefore, it will be much better if you’re traveling and if you’re studying abroad. This card costs £12 for a virtual copy and £15 for a plastic card.