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10 Basic Styles Of Women's Handbags To Suit Each Event

With approximately 30 different designs, what is the indispensable bag in your wardrobe? The list below will help you choose the right bag for each space you go to.

Not only carrying "the whole world" inside, bags are important accessories that make up the overall trendy outfit. Therefore, choosing a bag suitable for the body shape, the job and the nature of the event you will participate in is extremely necessary.



fashion women's handbags TOTE BAG

As the most popular type of bag, a tote bag has only one storage compartment and two handles, usually worn over the shoulder. The ample area allows the girls to arrange many items for a long day of work such as laptops, notebooks, a book and basic makeup tools.

Regular tote bags are made of canvas or leather, so they are very sturdy, ensuring the safety of the contents inside. Because of this convenience, the tote bag is also a popular choice for picnics or seaside walks.


The basic design of the satchel bag is usually rounded at the four corners, creating a sturdy and sturdy design. You can flexibly use the shoulder strap or carry.

The satchel bag looks low and flat, but has the same storage space as a tote bag. If you're after a feminine and retro look, the satchel bag is the perfect choice for you.


Backpacks are an indispensable item for active girls. Not only possessing a variety of designs and sizes, backpacks are a convenient choice if you have to travel a lot.

The large area of ​​the backpack allows you to "pack" all the necessary items for the long day. Owning a handy backpack is essential for a picnic or short business trip.



Being promoted by Bottega Veneta fashion house in 2018, pouch bag has now become the "darling" of many fashion followers. This soft bag does not have a strap but still has the ability to hold essential items.

Many other brands have also launched pouch designs with different materials and patterns. The bulging form factor is now attached with a strap or handle, maximizing the girls' convenience.


The small and beautiful "bread" design of the baguette makes many fashion followers fall in love. Most recently, the design from the Prada brand re-exported at fashion week, becoming the most sought-after women's handbag by many fashionista this spring.

Baguette bags are usually made from a variety of materials such as leather or nylon. The modern designs of baguette bags are expanded in capacity while maintaining a neat and small appearance.


Once considered rural and less fashionable, belt bags are now one of the indispensable accessories of modern girls. Although the bag is not large enough, it can place all essential items right within your reach.

Not only is it loved for convenience, the bag around the waist also creates a prominent highlight in the second round. In addition to the way around the waist, the belt bag is also worn by fashionista over one shoulder or cross.


fashion women's handbags SADDLE BAG

As one of the "super" bag designs from the Dior family, saddle bags have had an impressive comeback from the Fall - Winter 2018 fads. Originally an accessory for horse riders, this bag has become a symbol of the time. pages in the 1970s.

Fashion believers love saddle bags due to the classic design as well as convenient and flexible design. Flat surface hugging body, strap difficult to move and quite impressive capacity are characteristics that make saddle bags highly applicable.



Not as convenient as many other bags, but clutch is still the companion of many girls in luxury parties. Sparkling beads or satin materials create outstanding accents when combined with basic party dresses.


The point that helps distinguish cross-bags from other bags is the convenient long strap. This is also the biggest plus point of this bag. Since the strap is often designed like a thin chain, the girls will not have to worry too much about the right outfit.

The small design of the crossover bag is best for a light dinner party. You can choose from a variety of materials such as soft leather or tough metal, depending on the event.


As the name suggests, these are single-shoulder bags, usually made of leather with a thin strap. As a classic accessory for women, shoulder bags give the wearer a feminine and modern look. Because of the ability to "transform" flexibly, this is the accessory you should invest in. A bag made of durable material also makes your outfit look more elaborate and luxurious.

In addition to the above 10 basic bag designs, you can refer to a more fancy handbag from design to name.


Originally reserved for bowling balls, the bag is usually made of leather or stretchable materials.


fashion women's handbags HOBO BAG

Hobo handbags often have large, sturdy straps. Made from soft materials such as leather or canvas, the bag also possesses quite a large capacity, equivalent to a medium-sized backpack.


Carrying the look of a "bucket", but the bucket bag still exudes a sense of fashion, elegance and sophistication. This compact bag usually comes with a strap and does not come with a cap.


fashion women's handbags ring bag

This unique name comes from the handbag's circular annular handle design. The handle is even more special when it is made from new materials such as gold, marble, sedge ...

Final words

Equip yourself with the most fashionable and suitable collection of book bags!

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