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Coupon Guide from A-to-Z

Online shopping is getting more and more popular, especially after the hit of pandemic Covid-19. If people want to buy a product, they only need to stay at home and use their phone to order stuff. However, some people have to pay the original price for the same goods while others only have to pay it in a haft. The term coupon used to be really strange back then but until now, smart users take it so they can reduce the original price for the same good result. First of all, let’s clearly puzzle out what is coupon by taking out Coupon training class! 

Coupon class 101
What is coupon?

Coupon is a voucher or a code that gave to the customer by the brand as a purchasing motivator. Coupon can be useful for the activity of buying between producer and consumer, may also increase the country economy. 

Coupon is usually in a form of text and number together, all in caps, and without any black space, for example SUMMER20, CHILLDAY80OFF,... 

70% off coupon sample

How to apply coupons?

If you are a business, try to find any coupon websites and negotiate with them for the best price with less commission so you can save money. Thus, choosing the right time to invest in coupons for your customer to avoid unnecessary cost and waste. 

In case you are a customer and have already purchased for one, really easy to use by copy or type your code in the coupon box when you checkout or at some store, they will add it automatically in your shopping cart. However, you need to consider this carefully cause some of the coupons are already expired, or if you type them by hand, you may make the mistake that they are not in caps or including space then, your code is not used properly. 


How to know when a coupon is successfully applied? 

Depends on the store, you may see how the coupon works. Here, we give you 2 examples of stores that are the most well-known base on how they add in their coupon.

  • Direct store

For this type, once you go to their website, you take the code you want, and automatically it is added right away to your shopping cart. You can see the price instantly there and know how much is the total price. The advantage of this is to help customer save their time and know their current status, somewhat can force them to buy more that increases in the brand’s profit. 

  • Indirect store

Different from the store above, this kind of store requires users to provide their personal information such as name, phone number, email,... so that they can use the codes. Not only that, the customer also has to complete so much progress so they can finally get to the payment step. Not end here, they also have to add the code by themselves which results in the lower experience of customer’s shopping expertise. Knowing that company just want to make sure and make their user happy with their service, but base on customer psychology of purchasing, this takes time that consumer may actually leave the brand.  


In case your coupon does not work?

3 types of frustration that buyers may face while using coupons.

  • Exclusions

When you find a coupon online and it seems general, it may not be applied for some specific product which often can be the one calls ‘Deal of the Day’. It depends on the manufacturer or the store provides that code. The overload of using coupon from customer also affect the brand’s behavior of giving codes. Usually, they will calculate the benefit after codes with how much codes they want to give for community, therefores, if it over purchasing or the number of customers has taken it larger then the profit, they will surely cut it down.

Other than exclusion codes, free shipping is also another discount that user always chasing for. However, for almost the store, this is just only applied when your pack is overweight or heavy items. Same saying, brands invisibly force you to buy more so that you can get the deal. 

  • Restrictions

Some stores only apply coupons on their official website which is a downside for the customer who wants to buy from other retailers but still want more for discounts. So, if you already get a code from one brand, make sure to double-check it and use it on their website instead to avoid waste.

The date of expired is another factor you also need to look at. Once the coupon is out of date, you will have to pay for the product at its full price. 

  • Read the description carefully

Always, always and always read the description of the product carefully before you buy it. The most truthful detail is often shown off on that brand website, not other links on the internet. Check them again and again before you check out to save time and energy. 


Other cautions that you need to consider when using the coupon

  • Make sure to meet the minimum amount of wages so that you can use the code. 

For example, several coupons are only applied when you reach the minimum amount of product. Same as free shipping codes, the company will only give you this one if you have an overweight product or a large amount of shopping list. 

  • Do some math before buying

Calculate where and when the code applies for the most cheapest price. Shopping means relaxing but if you do not take your eye carefully on this step then at the end, you will realize that you have wasted a large amount of money that you can actually use them to buy other things as well.  

  • Spend more, save more

Sounds funny but actually, it is. The more stuff you added into your cart, the bigger discount you can receive from the brand. This is a win-win result which means, the business can sell more while you are - the customer can have more with less price. 


How coupon effect business also customer

Business vs Customer

Overall, the game is still about who wins who lost. We will give you several reasons to look at whether you are a business who will proffer coupons to your customer in the future or you are the customer who wants to save money by using a discount. 

  • In the position of business: 
    • Advantage
      • Business, especially new business, use coupon as a tool to attract new customer, introduce them with their product in order to raise their awareness and catch their attention. More, use a discount to keep the current customer coming back and re-active the former buyer.  
      • More, when a business wants to widen the traffic to their website, they also use this technique. The more attractive promotion codes, the more people come to their place.
      • Want to get your customer intention without spending too much on advertising costs, just use a discount. Believe in the power of ‘word-of-mouth’, one buyer will tell another and end up coming to your store like ephemera.    
      • Promotion codes contribute a big help to get rid of old product. New-season is coming up but businesses still have a quite amount of old one in their factory, use code to sell them, even though it will bring less profit than the full price but still, less and none profit at all. 
      • Like the point we have provided, some stores will apply coupons directly onto your cart but some don’t. What is the purpose? Here, by doing that, the business somehow can collect new customer’s information for further marketing strategy including email marketing, phone marketing, and social advertisement.  
    • Disadvantage
      • Talking enough of the advantage, award the coupon to the customer can also be dangerous for the business’ future including raising bad consumption habits in customers. They will only buy your product when it’s on sale or on special occasions such as Black Friday, Summer Sale, End of Season Sale…
      • For sure, using the ‘coupon technique’ will definitely decrease the company’s profit. Comparing, if a business sells a shirt for $20 and benefit $10 then after selling it with coupon they can only profit a shirt with only $5 or $4 per one. 
      • Base on research about customer psychology, the expensive of a product equal to its value which means the more price of the product is, the higher value it has. Even though the quality is the same but one is marked with a discount then it is possible for the customer to not buy it. 
      • This point will surely attack loyal customers who willing to pay for goods at its full price. They will have a feeling of betrayal when new customers can get all the benefits by coupons while they pay at full price from then. The chance of losing this potential type of customer is high if business do not have any compensation for them.
  • In the position of customer:
    • Advantage
      • It is so easy to find digital coupons these days, they are everywhere on the internet: brand’s official page, coupon websites,... More, it is not difficult to use, all customer needs to do is copy and paste, then you can get your product at the lowest price ever.
      • With discount codes, consumers can save so much money. Let’s imagine when you are student with a budget but still need to purchase for daily supply, these discount codes are your saver.
    • Disadvantage
      • Nevertheless, coupons can also be a two-sided knife, customer can get easily addicted to it and over-spending. Sometimes, they buy things that they do not need just because the coupons are so affordable.

So, where to get a digital coupon?

Buyers can get the coupon everywhere on the internet, especially on the brand’s officially front page or go to coupon websites like Amazon, RetailMeNot, JoinHoney,... It is so convenience that nowadays, lots and lots of websites were born to serve this needs of purchasers. 


Take your opportunity and use coupons wisely! 

Enjoy your coupon

Who does not want to save money? When you have a chance to see that little line of code, take your chance to save them. Thus, make sure to check carefully every information about the codes and use them safely. Hopefully, this article is helpful for you to catch up with the basic knowledge of coupons and how to use them.

Do not forget that we are CouponXoo, will always be here to support you with great deals that are updated every day, fresh and brand new. For your buying process becomes easier than ever. 

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