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How online chat will help sell more: the experience of online shopping

To ask a question and get an answer right there, without unnecessary efforts and loss of time is the main convenience of online chat for an online shopping client

For the store owner, the benefits of chat are even greater. Online chat will help:

  • to keep the client on the site;
  • quickly answer the question and remove doubts about the purchase;
  • increase customer confidence in the store;
  • announce promotions and discounts;
  • promote a store group in social networks;
  • gather a database of customer contacts;
  • monitor competitor prices
  • collect customer reviews.

It sounds like a panacea for all ills, and this is true if everything is done correctly. How to use online chat with benefits and solve all these problems, said the owners of online shoppings.

Online chat as a way to gather contacts and grow a loyal customer base

Online chat is constantly on our page in a minimized form in the right corner. Like Ecwid, chat is installed on the phones of all our employees. We reply to messages from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (the administrators are responsible for this), but if at one in the morning I see someone writing, I will always answer in person. The response and consultation in the chat outside working hours is very pleasing to customers and adds points to loyalty.

In a chat, we most often answer questions from people who are just about to place an order. The client can clarify information on availability, detailed sizes and how urgently we can deliver flowers. Or, for example, can we deliver a bouquet at a non-standard time. Or the client seeks help in choosing colors.

Usually, after the buyer has placed an order, we write to him personally in instant messengers within 5 minutes (from the experience of the confirmation letter is not enough), and this allows you to create a closer communication with the client. But it happens that a customer places an order and immediately (!) Writes in an  online chat: “Hello, I placed order # 2034 just now, tell me when will you deliver?”. In such cases, chat allows you to reassure troubled customers .

It happens that the client wants to clarify something, but right now he is not going to place an order, writes his question in the chat. We answer and try to take his number right away in the chat (in order to forward the photo of the bouquets, for example), and then transfer the conversation to the messenger.

The fact is that when communicating in messengers, the probability of an order increases. Therefore, we generally try to transfer all contacts there. Our task is for the client to add us to his phone book and we have a history of correspondence, such a friendly chat with florists. And if we are already on the phone with a person, he will most likely remember us when he wants to make a new order. So the client will soon become a regular.

Therefore, chats for us are a way to communicate with new or potential customers. We help to complete the order on the site right at the time of the chat, or we take an interested client and transfer to WhatsApp to complete the delayed sale there.

We hardly use other methods of communication. We call in extreme cases, because nowadays calls are very personal. And several times a year we do mailing lists.

Live chat as a way to build customer confidence

We started our business on Facebook, so the main communication is still happening there, and it was logical to equip the site with a chat from this social network. All dialogs appear directly in the Facebook account and are stored there, it is convenient.

The main task of the chat was to connect an online shopping and a group on Facebook, to advertise it. A chat window pops up on the site after 3 minutes, where our manager communicates with customers. Chat calls are still few, but this is not a priority for us. The fact of the presence of a chat from a well-known social network on the site causes additional trust and creates an interactive element, and this increases the loyalty of visitors.

Online chat as a tool for advertising, price monitoring and collection of reviews

In  online chat I communicate with clients myself. I solve the issue of the final cost and can quickly offer a discount and in general I can quickly resolve any issue. Let it be for now.

The staff has two more managers, they work in a retail store, process online orders and answer calls. The chat was originally introduced just because of the problem of eternal dialer: there are many customers in the retail store, managers do not have time to answer calls on time. Part of the calls flowed into the chat. We have been using it for only two months, but the benefits have already been huge, both for customers and for business in general.

We use chat to answer questions from visitors. Customers specify technical specifications, availability, cost, payment and delivery terms, warranty, the possibility of purchasing goods on credit or by installments. Using Td Bank Routing Number on the most common questions, we created three quick buttons in  online chat :

  • Why are the prices on the site low?
  • What is the warranty period for the product?
  • Loan and installment terms?

If the consultant is online, the chat widget pops up in 10-20  seconds and the visitor sees quick buttons. They additionally tell him: there are low prices, there is a guarantee and you can buy on credit or by installments! These buttons prepared accordingly quick answers.

We also plan to introduce discounts and promotions alerts on certain pages of the site. For example, the client is on the page with protective glasses for smartphones and the chat automatically notifies him about the action: “Buy glass now and get the installation as a gift!”

Chat now works in two modes. When the operator is offline, the chat turns into a form for collecting questions from customers (feedback form). It has a tricky algorithm: it automatically pops up after 10-20  seconds with the phrase: “Hello. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer! ” The visitor writes his question, assuming that he will receive an answer to the chat, but after entering the question he is invited to fill out a feedback form with email and phone. Since he spent time writing his question, there is no turning back anymore and he leaves his contact details.

Actively inviting visitors to chat is the most important feature. So visitors ask their questions much more often. Active invitations in my service are available only by subscription, I immediately purchased it for 2 years. 14 days of trial increased sales and I received valuable feedback from visitors. Therefore, I recommend it.

Another of the benefits of online chat  is the increased time spent by visitors on the site, which is important for SEO.

We also have the best price guarantee program in our store. Previously, we offered visitors who found a lower price to throw us a link to a competitor's offer by mail through the feedback form. This is inconvenient for people, there were few calls. As soon as they connected the chat, they began to actively write to it. So visitors help us in monitoring prices. And prices in our field, especially for smartphones, are changing daily! Therefore, visitor requests allow us to quickly adjust them.

To customers who have purchased goods in our store and before that have been chatting, leaving their email and phone, we send a message of thanks by mail or SMS, offering to leave them feedback about us. The message is this:


We connected all our communication channels to manychat: Facebook, Facebook, Avito, Telegram, Whatsapp, Google Chat from search and Google.Market, mail. We are waiting for the opportunity to connect WhatsApp. All messages flow in one place, it is incredibly convenient and allows you to quickly respond both from a computer and from a smartphone. And also maintain a customer base. You can exchange the client base with other CRMs, such as My Warehouse.

Chat is a cool thing, I have long wanted to implement it, now I am very pleased. Many of our clients in a personal meeting respond positively about chat, they say that it has become much more convenient.

Online chat as a way to remove customer doubts and improve the site

For us, online chat is akin to a real seller who meets buyers in an  offline store. The seller can quickly clarify the size, color, other parameters of the goods that are laid out on the window. This happens in the chat. And I often get the feeling that by writing in a chat, customers check the store for adequacy - a quick and competent chat response gives us a loyal customer.

The form is always visible in the lower right corner of the screen. Now we are managing the forces of two consultants who are chatting alternately. Consultants see that a visitor is present on the site, and see where the person came from, how many pages and which pages he looked at. Often consultants are the first to ask a question and this question always takes into account the interest of the buyer . Sometimes it helps us get a sale. Sometimes we get just useful dialogue. I'll tell you about the benefit further.

At the dawn of my entrepreneurial activity, I believed that a city phone number is a mandatory attribute of any serious company (not one-day ones). And the best way of communication is a call or a personal meeting.

But the statistics of incoming calls for the first year of work had a sobering effect. Only a few calls from potential buyers, but an avalanche of useless phone spam. I had to admit that my beliefs were either erroneous, or specifically my buyer does not want voice communication.

I wanted to painlessly abandon the city telephone service and take communication with customers to a new level. It’s not just to observe that the user has visited the site, flipped through the pages and logged out, but also to be able to communicate when they are on the site. Chat gives this opportunity.

It happened that in a chat we were asked for “real” (not cataloged) photos of children's backpacks, they asked us in a special way to pack an order for delivery to a little birthday, or they specified specific parameters of the goods that we didn’t guess in the description.


And they are also interested in whether the declared delivery time is accurate when it is important to receive an order by a specific date.

We got even more benefits than we expected: the questions that we are asked in the chat help us in working on the site. We supplement descriptions, add photos and optimize pages based on user experience.

Summary: how to use online chat effectively

If the stories of the sellers inspired you and you decided to put a chat on the site, remember this:

  • Answer the chat quickly , ideally within 5 minutes, a long wait annoys and annoys the client. Set up the chat so that it says "We are online" if the consultant is in the chat. And if not, we recommend immediately showing the message “We are not chatting now, but we will answer all your questions by mail within a day. Please leave your email. " Take such care that the client does not wait in vain for an answer. And yes, if you promised to answer within a certain period, keep your word.
  • Use quick buttons with frequently asked questions: “How much does the delivery cost?”, “Are there any discounts?”, “How to pay for the order?” other. Find out what customers most often ask in chat, in social networks, by mail, write answers and configure them to be displayed by pressing quick buttons. Save time for yourself and the buyer.
  • Announce promotions in automatic messages and in a conversation with a client. The buyer is already on the site, you need to take it hot. But advertise wisely, do not impose. For example, in an auto message when you open a chat, you can write “Our consultant will respond in 5 minutes. In order not to be bored, check out our discount section. ” In the conversation, you can also insert information about the promotion, if appropriate, or inform about discounts at the end when saying goodbye. ”
  • Gather contacts so as not to lose potential buyers. For example, transfer to instant messengers if it is convenient for you to communicate with a client, or offer to subscribe to the newsletter about new products and discounts.
  • Contact the visitor first , but unobtrusively and not immediately. Popping up in the first second chat is annoying. Configure the pop-up window no earlier than 30 seconds - let the user look around and understand where he is at all.
  • Use social media chats . If you have a lot of followers on Facebook or Facebook, put the chats of these social networks on the site. So it will be convenient for your customers who are already signed up, and attract new ones to your group.

In  the Ecwid store, you can easily quickly connect chat from Many Chat, microsoft Chat ,Chatfuel, Dialog Flow and Botsify. Any others are also possible, but there are already applications for these. And if your audience is on Facebook, connect to Facebook Messenger chat .

Remember that first of all, online chat  is a way to make life easier for visitors to your store. Help, do not be annoying. And share your experience using online chats (successful and unsuccessful) in the comments.


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