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Learning Swimwear Trends In 2021

Summer hasn't arrived yet, but a lot of people have dreamed of warmer weather - and these 2021 swimwear trends don't make it any easier to focus on the present. Some people like layering as much as the next fashion girl, but there's something very appealing about lying in the sun all day in cute bathing suits. If you haven't seen this year's trends across your entire Instagram feed, then you are too.

Finding the perfect bathing suit is hard, no doubt. With so many designs, colors, and brands to choose from (let alone sizing), shopping for your ideal bikini or piece can be daunting. Fortunately, the biggest trends for 2021 will work for everyone. Whether you're looking for a sharp V-shaped design or a sleek one-shoulder design for your next dream vacation, the options are plentiful.

The Swimwear 2021 Trends You're Going to See Everywhere

A trend that has been trending since last summer is string bikinis with virtually no strings, so short-clothed styles are again in vogue. Celebrities like Meghan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, and Jennifer Lopez were on the train, so please include us. If you've found a shape you love but just want to add some new colors to your collection, consider trying an espresso concentrate. Yes, you heard right: brown swimsuits are ubiquitous. Not only do they make you look tanned, but they're also more neutral than the black bikini you've worn for years. No, we don't see this trend coming, but yes, we love it.

Ready to start shopping for these trends for yourself? Read on to see the swimsuits I'm eyeing right now and don't hesitate to snap a few. We may not know what summer 2021 will be like, but we can guarantee that you will be fine, even if you decide to take some vitamin D supplements.

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Here are some of the latest swimwear trends we've covered:

Brown - Forget black and white - brown, cream and other neutral colors are in the current position. Whether you choose smooth or print, it doesn't matter, as long as you rock this super trendy color in 2021. We've never found ourselves rocking a brown bikini before, but they're I'm here.

Sparkling Band Top + Sparkling Over Bikini Bottoms

Sparkling Band Top + Sparkling Over Bikini Bottoms photo

Good Americans know how to make a good (and affordable!) Bikini. Be prepared to literally shine in the sun wearing this sparkling brown top and matching bottom pants while you lie down on the beach or sip a cocktail by the pool.

Bikini motifs top + bottom Bikini motifs

Let Zara create some of the cutest bikinis on the market. This simple bikini top and equally minimalistic bottom are perfect choices if you don't really like to wear glitter or print prints.

Tie on top + tie below

If you haven't heard of Kitty and Vibe, be prepared to be haunted. Their fabrics have SPF 50 protection, which is treated using less water than most other suits and taking your hips and booty into consideration when it comes to size. Along with the plethora of cute tops like this front flap option, you can choose from two bum sizes for every bottom option, so say goodbye to box-bottom bikinis that don't fit.

String bikini

 2021-Swimwear-String bikini

Welcome to the year 2021: The year of the rope bikini. The adjustable top and bottom sections seem awkward, but fear not: these modern versions don't slide and slide like before. While we wouldn't recommend wearing one the next time you choose to swim a few laps, there is no better option for a tanned pool day.

Blair Reversible Bikini Top + Marley Reversible Bikini Bottoms

This VDM suit persuaded me to try an olive green bikini in 2021, especially one with a slim strap design. Make sure to choose suitable bottoms and rely on a daring AF match.

Triangle Top + Thong Bikini Bottoms

Triangle Top-Thong-Bikini-Bottoms-2021

PSA: This PrettyLittleThing set is currently on big sale. If you don't already have a plain black bikini in your collection, let this be a sign you need to pick one. The matching bottom is also a must-buy.

Triangle Bikini Top in Ruffle + Bikini Ruffle Tie Cheekier Bottom

This floral bikini by Aerie is on our must-buy list this season as it feels both sweet and luxurious. Perhaps it is because the triangular top is meandering and the matching bottoms are hot-white in color.


Officially for summer 2020 chilly shoulders with one of these asymmetrical outfits. 2021 is all about one-shoulder swimsuits and it's the perfect replacement for last year's two-straps and headband. Prepare to fall in love.

The bikini top is arched across the waist + High waistband high

Summersalt won the internet thanks to their choice of clothes that were backed by some pretty serious testing. We're talking 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women. BTW, this bikini can be a real crop top if you're running errands right after soaking in the pool! Don't forget the matching bottoms.

Evangeline Skimpy One Shoulder One Piece

We've been watching this suit from Frankie's Bikini ever since it crashed, so I could actually take out my debit card and reward myself. The elegant pattern is sweet while the high waistband and flimsy one-shoulder strap are classy and sexy.

One-shoulder swimsuit cup

One shoulder swimsuit cup-swimwear-2021

This colorful one-piece suit from Swimsuit for All's recent collaboration with Gabi Fresh is not for the faint of heart. I mean - just look at those sexy cuts. Buy it now in sizes 10 to 26.

Deep V

How far will you go? Limits do not exist this season. We love low-necked suits because they always show off the skin, but if any lady with a bigger bust is afraid of this trend, know that there are styles that give the V-neck illusion. Deep with a bit of additional support. Go on, exposing a bit of skin.

The Plunge One Piece

The Plunge One Piece-swimwear-2021

We told you already - Summersalt made some damn clothes. This v-vintage has tons of five-star ratings, so you'll love it for sure. If you don't like the classic red, it comes in six other colors too.

 Toucans one-piece swimsuit

 Toucans one-piece swimsuit-swimwear-2021

We've covered some neutral suits on this list, so if that's not your vibe, consider buying this one wild suit from Farm Rio with a bold V and fake wrap front.

Final words

Enjoy a meaningful and cool summer with cruises by this hot 2021 swimsuit collection.

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