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Netflix Party: Best App to Watch Movies with Friends during the Global Pandemic

watch Netflix Party with friends

Netflix is no longer strange towards everyone, especially the young. Everyone is immensely familiar with spending all night together and enjoying the interesting movies.

However, Covid-19 pandemic has absolutely separated you from contact with friends with social distancing measures imposed by US State and local governments. Understanding the customers' concern, Netflix has just launched a Google Chrome browser called Netflix Party which allows you to watch movies simultaneously with a group of friends and family remotely.  

Let’s learn about general information of Netflix Party, benefits it brings to you and how to save money on Netflix account if you are working from home during quarantine through the article below. However, don’t forget to regularly update the Covid-19 latest news here.

1. What is Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that supports users to connect others remotely to watch Netflix videos. The extension will synchronize the groups who are far away from each other to watch the movie, display a chat window so that everyone can comment what is going on the movie. Note that Netflix Party will only work for those who have a Netflix account and have installed the Netflix Party extension.

2. Things to know about Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a great utility for bringing you moments of fun and entertainment with your friends and family online. However, you need to know some more information about Netflix Party as follows:

- When participating in Netflix Party, you can customize your logo and nickname.

- Depending on the level of control, you or anyone can pause, rewind or fast for everyone to see.

- Netflix Party is avaible for the Google Chrome and Opera browsers and only run on laptop and desktop computers as well. However, it is not available for iOS, Android, smart TV, Tablet and other devices.

- Netflix Party will automatically move to the new episode to keep your group watching. However, this may be limited, so you must share the URL of new episode with your friends and then they can connect.

- The limit of the number of people who can watch at the same time on Netflix Party is 50 people

3. How Netflix Party works

Being used by over 10 million users wourldwide, Netflix Party promises to use end to end encryption and do not store customers’ Netflix account or password.

- Install Netflix Party

Firstly, click the Install Netflix Party. After that, you are redirected to the Chrome Web Store and continuing click the blue button “Add to Chrome”.

Waiting for some seconds, you have just finished Netflix Party installation.

- Open Netflix video

At this step, you need to enter the Netflix website, choose the show or movie you would love to watch with your friends and start playing it.

- Create the Netflix Party show

To create your group, click the red "NP" icon next to the address bar. Then click "Start party" to start the party and share the party URL to invite friends.

- Join a Netflix Party

To join a party, click on the group's URL, which will redirect to the Netflix website. Then click the "NP" button next to the address bar and you will automatically join the party.

4. The outstanding features of Netflix Party

- Use huge storage of movies and TV shows from Netflix

Netflix is favored by many users for its extremely large and attractive movie store such as: netflix series, blockbusters, crime-detective films, Disney movies, science fiction movies, TV series, comedies , Korean movies, cartoons, horror movies, documentaries,

- Watch movie at the same time and together discuss

Watching movies on Netflix is immensely great, right? However, in this pandemic lockdown, although you are watching the same Netflix show and everyone watches at different speeds, if wanting to discuss, you also need to switch tabs or pick up the phone, which is very inconvenient. The purpose of Netflix Party is to create a party where everyone not only watch their favorite films or TV show but also together talk, discuss and comment about what is happening in the program on air. Therefore, everyone will have an interesting online meeting without face-to-face in the Covid-19 epidemic.

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- Be aboslutely free and private

The Netflix Party extension is absolutely free because it receives the donations on Patreon where fans of Netflix Party can become a patron and support Netflix Party by contributing to server expenses and helping the whole team launch new features like emoji, voice chat, moving to other internet TV websites.

In addition, you also need to know that after everyone leaves the Netflix Party, the contents of chat history are deleted off of its servers.

5. Tip to save money while watching your favorite on Netflix Party

As you know, although Netflix Party is absolutely free because it receives the donations on Patreon, you need to have a Netflix account which is charged to use Netflix Party. However, Netflix are getting in the same concept with the giant in entertainment industry because they all understand what the customers consider most when decide to purchase for something. A website where customers not only buy their beloved items but also save money immensely satisfy them most. Therefore, Netflix provides many great deals for the customers through the method of coupon codes and deal coupons. Thanks to affiliate marketing campaign, Netflix has membership with some reputable websites which always update the latest Netflix coupons which gives a summary of many promotion codes to everyone who intends to create a Netflix account.


It can be said that Netflix Party allows you to watch Netflix with others when you are not really together. It syncs videos for a viewing experience together and supports chatting so you can chat with others to discuss about the film. This is an interesting experience for friends and relatives to comment and watch a movie during the blooming Covid-19 pandemic.

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