Simple and Effective Tips to Save Money on Wedding Expenses

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It goes without saying that the wedding is a significant day in every human life. In order to organize a complete and luxurious wedding, the bride and groom need to prepare a lot of things and must spend a considerable amount of money on costumes, wedding photos, venue, menu... This causes a big headache for couples. So how to reduce the cost of organizing a wedding but still ensure a neat and elegant wedding? Here are some suggestions that you can refer to.

Detailed Planning

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To avoid overspending or wasting on unnecessary things, you should list out crucial things for the wedding, such as the bride and groom's outfit, the bride's car, wedding decorations, hand-held flowers, and many more. You can be more active in spending, manage the cost and definitely save a considerable amount of money.

Besides, detailed planning will help you minimize unwanted mistakes, calculate the incurred costs or overcome some incidents.

Do not Print Wedding Album

Making a wedding album, for many, is a capturing of precious moments, cherishing love and showing how they treasure the big day. However, according to the experience of many couples, whether to print the wedding album should be carefully considered and calculated.

After getting married, rarely do spouses spend time sitting back to review these moments. Instead, you can print two large pictures to hang on the wall and some small ones hanging in the house and bedroom, saving money while avoiding waste later.

Wedding Dress

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You can choose to rent only one wedding dress. A lot of famous wedding service providers offer coupons on large sites to ensure the best quality at the most reasonable price.

In addition, one way you should refer to is to borrow your friend or relative's wedding dress, because renting means you also wear someone else's dress. Borrowing is not much different from renting, but it is economical.

Wedding Ring

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With gold prices rising and falling today, buying the wedding ring as soon as possible is a good suggestion for the couple. Brides can choose and buy rings for 6 months, even 1 year before the wedding. Do not worry about buying non-fit rings! All jewelry stores will receive a free ring extension if their rings become tight.

The bride and groom should choose rings with medium gold material such as 14K gold, 18K white or yellow. In addition, there's no need to attach many expensive gemstones on the rings. The beads attached to the ring should also be proportionate to the ring. For small rings, it is better to choose small beads because large particles will overshadow the ring, and raise unnecessary costs.

Simple Yet Stylish Wedding Invitations

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You can order your own luxuriously designed wedding card, or choose the simple wedding card templates available. Don't waste money on fancy cards if your wedding budget is tight.

A beautifully designed and suitable wedding card can make a good impression to the recipient while still saving a fortune.

Avoid Weddings Between May and December

This is the period of escalating prices in the year due to the coincidence of many holidays and New Year so your wedding expenses can easily exceed the budget. You should choose a more suitable time, avoid peak times to save money.

Only Decorate Important Foregrounds

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To save money optimally, you should not pay too much attention to too small details because most guests do not pay attention to some places such as the entrance, the corridor, the hidden corners in the room. In return, you should care about center foregrounds attracting more glances from everyone at the wedding.

For example, where the bride and groom stand will be the most special. Here, the flowers form a huge dome, creating accents and honoring the elegance of the wedding. On the banquet table or the check-in place also need to score lots of fresh blossoms to seduce attendees.

Seasonal Food

Fruit and wedding flowers are often very expensive if you import them from abroad or from different climates. Therefore, to save costs, you should choose flowers and fruits in the country and by season, the price will be much lower. Also, you don't have to consume time thinking about the means of transportation or the preservation mode.

Especially wedding flowers, the first requirement is to be fresh. If you choose rare flowers, they must be imported from other places and of course, this will take a lot of time. Moreover, the flowers can't stay fresh after a long journey while the price is exorbitant.

Replace Champagne with Wine

Not everyone likes champagne. The truth is that many people detest champagne, but still try to drink it because of courtesy at weddings, new year parties or other special occasions.

Meanwhile, wine is a great choice thanks to its excellent taste to many people, and above all, the price is much lower than champagne.

Limit Decorative Flowers into the Church

In the solemn atmosphere of the cathedral, few will pay attention to enjoy the beauty of the flowers. You should save them for the banquet table, which sounds more reasonable.

Organize the Ceremony and the Party at the Same Place

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This will save travel expenses for not only the bride and groom but also for the guests, not to mention a significant cost reduction.

Fewer Yet Bigger Tables

You will reduce quite a lot of the cost of designing the banquet table as well as the accompanying items, such as tablecloths and vases.

Be Alert When Buying Decorative Items

You should go shopping for wedding decoration accessories before or after Christmas and other major holidays of the year. At these times, on-sale goods are diverse, with countless designs and colors for you to choose from.

Wedding Gifts for Guests

This is an expensive wedding expense, the more guests the more expensive. So you should consider choosing a gift to thank guests.

Instead of expensive chocolate, why not a home-made biscuit or jam? There are many types of biscuits that are simple, easy to make and very delicious.

At the same time, it should only be a thank you gift for each guest, or maybe a gift for those who come in pairs.

Fewer Flowers, More Candles and Lanterns

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Candles and lanterns are two very popular decorative items, which can be found anywhere. And as mentioned above, if hunting discount programs and using hot deals, coupons from brands, you can find beautiful items at surprisingly cheap price points.

Save Money on Wedding Shoes

If you wear a long and wide wedding dress, who can see the shoes you are wearing? Therefore, you do not need to spend too much money on wedding shoes in this case.

Reduce the Number of Bridesmaids

Think carefully about the number of bridesmaids you need to hire, but of course don't forget your closest female friends. Instead of 6-8 bridesmaids, you may only need 2-4 people. Of course, everyone knows that many bridesmaids will make wedding photos more vivid but you have to consider the budget.

Find A Wedding Band As Soon As Possible

You should look for small bands, have close friends sing and organize a "homegrown" music show. Or else, maybe boldly skip the singing repertoire. You can even just rent a modern sound system and choose the best music.

Nobody will notice whether there is live music if your sound makes them feel pleasant. And thanks to that, you have kept a huge number of wedding expenses to do other useful things.


In brief, the article has shared the best tips for all couples to reduce wedding cost but still have a memorable wedding day. It’s wise to seek and hunt wedding services coupons, promo codes, and hot deals, which helps you a lot in balancing your finance.

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