Top 10 Most Amazing Apps for Kids

Top 10 most amazing apps for kids

It's undeniable that we are living in the digital age, the early exposure to smart technology has many positive sides. However, with thousands of online applications, what is the practical and useful application for children?

Here is our thoroughly-chosen list of 7 best children's apps with several unique coupon codes and deals for your reference.

1. ABC Kids

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ABC Kids is a well-known educational app. The ABC Kids app is designed to support your child through their early years as they learn and grow. The ABC Kids app is home to many trusted and loved programs, carefully curated to entertain, educate, and support children from their repeated years, growing with them from preschool into their first years of school.

The app includes a range of trace games to help your child recognize letter shapes, combine them with their corresponding pronunciation, and test their knowledge through fun matching exercises. With friendly interface, funny pictures, children will quickly memorize the alphabet. ABC Kids has demonstrated a strong ability to help children both play and learn English simply but extremely effectively.

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2. Amazon FreeTime

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Currently, malicious software and applications are still rampant online, causing many parents to be extremely worried about child safety.

With Amazon FreeTime, parents can enforce their phones and laptops without having to worry about it anymore. This app will give parents a control set similar to Amazon's tablet devices, and it will also select over 40,000 videos on YouTube and websites that are considered safe, healthy for kids via the FreeTime web browser. Amazon says that so far, more than 10 million children (that means parents) have trusted and signed up for FreeTime.

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3. ColorMe

ColorMe is the most popular coloring application available today. The application not only helps children develop creativity but also helps relieve stress for adults.

The application contains more than 100 pages divided into many different topics such as animals, love, food, ocean, people, ... Besides, updated versions will be continuously added. ColorMe is really a game for both adults and children and it's free for all ages.

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4. Khan Academy Kids

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Khan Academy Kids is one of the best educational mobile games available today. Led by a colorful array of animals, children can learn skills like reading, writing, and problem-solving by drawing, telling stories, and many other fun activities.

This game is suitable for children aged six and under. Each child will have their own profile and learning path. The game brings a collection of books and videos that children can enjoy anytime. Khan Academy Kids is completely free, with no ads or in-app purchases.

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5. Google Play Books

Google Play Book is considered the best book application of children and adults. Users can choose from millions of books on Google Play including newly released books, New York Times bestsellers, textbooks and free classics. You can also easily adjust the font size and further customize the reading experience. It allows reading online or offline and continues reading on your phone, tablet or computer. Get started reading today.

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6. Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite is the most downloaded game among kid educational apps on Google Play. This game includes 20 puzzles for children to try before you decide to buy the full version.

To complete the puzzles your baby needs to find similar shapes, rearrange the pieces according to the pattern. The game has the ability to enhance cognitive skills, visual skills, shape recognition, spatial awareness ... With bright colors, funny pictures the game will surely create interest for children.

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7. Algorithm City

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Aimed at older children, Algorithm City is an interesting game that teaches the basics of programming on 50 levels. The goal is to guide a little penguin collecting as much coins as possible by selecting actions through a simple graphical interface and watching how it works.

The difficulty increases gradually with each level. Although there are only a limited number of functions, children must learn to create effective code to get the highest score. Algorithm City is a great game to learn programming.

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8. Astronomy for Kids

This game allows children to explore the vast solar and cosmic system with high quality animations and sounds. Children will learn about planets, constellations, comets, etc.

When children go to places like observatories, movie theaters, children will gather useful information. Occasionally quizzes pop up to test knowledge. This is a perfect way to mix fun and study at the same time.

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9. Math Land

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In Math Land, the kids will take control of a pirate named Ray. Ray is responsible for finding the stones stolen by Max. With the gems scattered around different islands, children have to solve math problems to unlock binoculars and to sail in the sea.

The game offers all sorts of mathematical problems: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more, adjusted for complexity depending on the age of the child. You can pay a one-time fee to unlock higher-level islands with that sentence for better quality and experience.

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10. Logic Land

Logic is just as important as traditional subjects like Mathematics and Science. And if you want to play while learning logic, Logic Land is an indispensable game on your child's phone. All of these inner games are designed to improve the development of logical reasoning, intelligence and memory.

These include pinpointing, string completion, shape calculations, etc. When children solve these games, they receive treasure and allow Jack and Alice characters to advance to the other islands

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