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Top 10 Tips to Slash Regular Costs with Coupons

Making ends meet in these times is a gruesome task for many families out there.

As such many households are looking for options to minimize their spending as much as they can so that they can go on with their life as smoothly as possible.

One way to do that is with the help of coupons.

They are exceptionally effective when it comes to easing the budget restraint on a family.

Unfortunately many are oblivious to this golden opportunity. If one is willing to perform some groundwork, the possibilities for saving money are practically endless, including transportation costs.

So below are 10 such tips that will slash your regular expenditure considerably by using coupons.

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1. Travel and transportation.

Vacation sounds like a pipe dream for those families that are living on a strict budget, it’s a sad reality.

Nevertheless, there are ways to make it possible to go on a vacation and have some fun.

For instance, you can book your flight on travel websites using your travel reward cards for discounts on flight tickets. This will help save money, moreover, you can use coupons for hotels and rental to further reduce travel expenditure. 

Especially when apartment swaps and timeshares aren’t available.

2. Birthdays and holidays.

Birthdays are incomplete without a gift and since you promised to gift your kid an electric skateboard, you surely intend to keep that promise.

Now finding the best affordable electric skateboard can be a challenge sometimes, but the right coupon might just ease the job for you.

Holidays are yet another excellent opportunity to make use of coupons, especially for those items that are seasonal.

Given the fact that Halloween candies cannot be marketed after the end of Halloween, the companies encourage consumers to use coupons to buy their products. This way there will be minimal loss due to surplus stock.

3. Food items.

Another brilliant area to save money by using coupons is with food items.

A rather popular and hassle-free practice it is and experts recommend that you utilize your coupons in tandem with weekly sale-off at the grocery store to maximize your savings.

As a matter of fact, you might be saving a solid 100% on some occasions when you use your coupons in the right manner.

4. Dinner time! 

In case it isn’t clear I meant dinner outside your home.

I know what you are going to say what about the extra expenses?  I do agree that dining out means extra cost but you and your family deserve a break once in a while.

Many family restaurants and fast food joints send out flyers consisting of coupons and offer on a combination of food items. 

Sometimes you may find some coupons on your grocery receipts as well.

5. A cute addition to the family.

Having a baby around logically means extra expenses, right from baby stuff like diapers, crib, milk, and clothing to transportation costs.

These expenses might put a damper on your family budget.

Uncle Sam has a program named Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), the objective of this program is to provide specific coupons to help pay for specific food items.

This saving solution provides enough wiggle room for families to take care of their other needs by retaining some cash, which they otherwise are spending on milk and diapers.

There’s also the option of thrift shopping where you can get toys and other baby stuff in a fairly good condition.

6. Loyalty cards.

The important part of having a customer loyalty card is to have the right one for the right store. With this, you can save money by just using the card alone. 

To make your shopping even more worthwhile you can pair your cards with coupons to get a great deal on your grocery items.

That means you would either get a massive discount on your bill or some extra points towards one.

7. School books with coupons.

Might sound surprising but schools do sometimes give back in the guise of school coupon books, in exchange for some donations to their band fundraisers or Parents Advisory Council.

Don’t worry about that $25-$30 that you will be spending to get the coupon book, because this coupon booklet has the potential to save hundreds of bucks.

They can provide unbelievable discounts on dining, entertainment, or local leisure. If you go for a bigger coupon book then you will get offer coupons for countrywide rental car companies as well as hotels,   

8. Dental and Medical expenses. 

One of the most competitive segments of our society is the health care system.

Many dentists, chiropractors, and other health and wellness businesses give out coupons providing discounts on first visits, minor alignments/adjustments, and other health care services in a bid to maintain their regulars.

These services include free eye exams from optical stores, free tooth whitening from dentists, etc.  

Undoubtedly health-care services are one of the most expensive areas of our society, especially for a middle-class family.

So, needless to say, personal health is definitely the place where you need to search for deals that transform into huge savings in the long run. 

9. Pet care.

Despite being adorable pets tend to have a huge impact on your finance, whether it’s the food, toys, or vet bills.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case. For dogs and cats, there are always coupons available in the weekly inserts.

As for the veterinary bills, many vets offer reasonable discounts on a routine check-up.

Oftentimes they do send out flyers with coupons on grooming and other vet services.  Such offers have a tremendous effect on the cost of pet maintenance.

10. Cosmetics and medicine.

An effective trick when it comes to items like cough medicine and shampoo is that instead of buying those at a grocery store try your local pharmacy.

Pharmacies usually have their own customer loyalty card, and when you use coupons along with these cards you end up minimizing cost on the otherwise costly items.


Coupons are indeed a brilliant way to save money, all you are required to do is some legwork and keep an eye on the deals that will come across you.

Coupons will always be there for you since businesses tend to require customers in a continuous flow.

Apart from the ways listed above you can also make use of coupons while doing online shopping, they also have very reasonable and enticing offers. 

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