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Top 5 Apps With Coupons For Online Learning During The Covid Pandemic

During The Covid Pandemic, these mobile apps turned smartphones into virtual classrooms where students do curricular activities with ease and focus. Furthermore, the mobile apps also motivate young children to love learning by making their stepping stone to education interactive and fun-filled. Mobile apps, along with the help of the latest and advanced learning management software, are changing the educational landscape.

Be it learning various subjects, organizing classroom activities, or developing new fields; educational apps made everything simpler and enjoyable. This article will provide you complete information about the Top 5 learning apps, including coupon information, promotion deals, and various discounts offered by these learning apps. These educational apps help your kids see smartphones as a tool for learning and help make some savings with the provided coupons.


Quizplus will assist you in completing your assignments, do your homework, and prepare for your exams with over 20 million answered academic questions and study sets that ranges over 30+ subjects, which will provide you with solutions for every course you’re studying — from literature to economics, biology to history, chemistry to psychology and many more.

You’ll also find practice problems that can help you track your progress, figure out what you don't understand, and get it right. Also, if you’re stuck on your homework, you can always post your question on their homework help page and get it easily and quickly answered anywhere you are — at home, work, or even on the move.

Discount Coupons for Quizplus:
If you want cheaper and good assistance related to your schoolwork from Quizplus,
you can use one of their coupons:
COXOO25: This coupon helps you get 25% off.
COXOO50: This coupon code will provide you with 50% off.
COXOO75: You can use this code and get a 75% off on your first subscription.



With the help of Quizlet, there are many effective ways to make learning very easy and quick. When you enter this app, you will see different modes of study buttons, like learn, flashcards, write, test, match, and much more.

Each of these study modes has various ways to learn your desire topics. Utilizing the flashcards is also another defining quality of Quizlet. These flashcards promote active recall, the process of actively stimulating memory during the learning process. It is one of the most powerful learning techniques out there. 

Discount Coupons for Quizlet:

  • Quizlet also provides coupons and discounts to their users to easily use their app with saving some amount of money. 
  • Here are the latest coupon codes for Quizlet.
  • SPRING 40 and KATIE are the latest coupon codes that will provide you 40% off. CARMIE40, this coupon code will provide you 40% off on your first subscription, and LEARNO 50 will offer you 50% off at Quizlet.


Udemy Similar App

Undoubtedly, Udemy is one of the best learning apps for students out there. Udemy has over 130,000 video tutorials for courses ranging from technology and business to personal development lessons such as drawing, writing, yoga, etc.

The most exciting thing is that students can learn these topics at their own pace. If they feel stuck at some lessons, they can ask questions and clear all their doubts. For instance, if they get some mobile apps ideas, the teachers of Udemy take the students by hand to their dream of developing an app for that. 

Coupons for Udemy:

UDEAFFPMC0621, this great Udemy coupon code will help you get your Photography Masterclass with a complete guide to Photography, which is now as low as $12.99. Additionally, this code will also provide you up to 60% off. UDEAFFNU420, this coupon code will help you to get up to 60% off on courses that start at $ 10.99.

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom

Most of the time, in an educational institution, students need to complete and submit their homework and assignments. And teachers have to review and grade the students at the earliest. All these processes are very frustrating for everyone. Wouldn't it be great if there is a way to streamline these processes? Google Classroom is one of the best solutions to this question. It is essentially a virtual classroom sort.

It is very easy to set up a Google Classroom. Teachers have to share code with the class, and students can join the class by just entering the codes. 

Discount Coupons for Google Classroom:

When it comes to providing discounts, Google Classroom very rarely issues coupons, discount deals. So, here are some of the active coupons for Google Classroom.

SUMMER15, THANKYOU10, and SAVE5 try these commonly used promo codes for savings at Google Classroom.



Group learning is smart practice to fill the learning gaps in students. But it is not always practical to obtain several students to assemble under the one of and study together. Remind app is the perfect answer to this problem. It facilitates students to stay connected with their school community.

Besides students, Remind includes teachers as well as parents in this community. Once join this school community with the help of individual school or class code, you will get regular updates on your classroom activities. 

Discount Coupons for Remind:

KAHOOT10, this coupon code helps you to get an extra 10% off sitewide. WATCH NOW. It is a teaching channel coupon that helps you get an extra 20% off your monthly or yearly subscription.



It is the dream of several students to study the courses of top universities. But they also know very well that it is not easy to get into these big universities. Well, if you got edX, nothing will stop you from getting those dreams because edX brings these universities to your fingertips. So, no matter what you need to learn, edX will be there for you step of the way. There are over 2000 courses of top universities in edX. 

Coupon Codes for edX:

  • The professional certificates and university credit you obtain from these courses will always be very helpful and valuable for you in building a professional career.
  • BIENVENIDOEDX, with the help of that coupon code, you can take 15% off on any edX course.
  • EDXWELCOME, this discount code provides you $15 off on the courses that worth $99.
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