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Top 6 Tourist Destinations in Chinese to Celebrate New Year 2022

China is famous for its culture, traditions, history, and the world's top-rated buildings and places. Tourists Destinations in Chinese always remain the center of attraction. Chinese New Year is not just the center of attraction for people of China but millions of people from different regions for Chinses New Year Celebrations for Tourists and the people of China.

Wonderland of Colors ­– Yunnan:

Situated in Southwest China, Yunnan is a different, beautiful region and one of the most loved Tourist Destinations in Chinese, with highlights going from snowcapped mountains to tropical jungles, from good country lakes to ravines from old-fashioned towns to captivating minority towns. Yunnan's different societies, rich history, marvelous scenes, and charming environment make it a decent all-year get-away objective. Must try certain things in Yunnan:

  • In your free time to participate in the historic center of Lijiang
  • Visit a non-public residence of Songz Anlin Monastery and stroll in a Tibetan family's home in Shangri-La
  • Catch the unequaled excellence of the Yuanyang Terraced Fields, a region that UNESCO has recognized as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site.
  • The most unimaginable chasm on earth, climb across Tiger Leaping Gorge

Classical Chinese Countryside – Guilin:

Guilin is one of the most famous and beautiful Tourist Destinations in Chinese, known for its classical culture and countryside. Guilin's untainted landscape draws a great many sightseers from all over consistently. The most beautiful planet is its radiant limestone, which is the center of attraction.

For its fresh air and rice field's view that makes it a wonderful destination to escape from modern environmental pollution, it should be added to Tourists Destinations in Chinese. Must try certain things in Guilin:

  • You must try a journey to see the long Li River 
  • Visit and experience minority culture in Longsheng and the Longyi Terraced Fields

Pure Beauty – Tibet:

One of the most famous Tourist Destinations in Chinese is the fairyland known for its snow and beauty, Tibet. Tibet is a consecrated spot for Buddhists, just like a fantasy objective for some sightseers. It spills over with rich Tibetan culture, trademark Tibetan design structures, groups of cattle and sheep, clear water, blue skies, and outside air. Must try certain things in Tibet:

  • You should also visit Potala Place, the famous milestone in Tibet.
  • To get a knowledge into the Tibetan culture and convictions, must give a visit to Barkhor Street
  • Don't forget to visit the magnificence of Yamdrok Lake and Namtso — unblemished scenes of Tibet.
  • Investigate Ani Tsankhung Nunnery, a calm yet dynamic religious circle where females concentrate on Buddhism.

Earth's Pandora – Zhangjiajie:

Earth's Pandora – Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is a famous Tourist Destinations in Chinese known for its clear streams, shaky pinnacles, thick timberlands, enormous karst caverns, and biodiversity. It is one of the most worth seeing regions in China. Must try certain things in Zhangjiajie:

  • Climb the beautiful columns and pinnacles of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
  • Get away from the groups completely and partake in the landscape outside of what might be expected.
  • Set a plan for a Zhangjiajie Tour for top direction and tips.

Pandas City – Chengdu:

It would be an injustice not to add Panda City to the list of Tourist Destinations in Chinese. Giant pandas are cute and need to see and embraced for their beauty. There are pandas in different zoos in different spots around China, but the most wonderful to embrace and see pandas is in Chengdu. Guests can also participate in volunteer projects to combat goliath pandas. Must try certain things in Chengdu:

  • You should join a panda manager program and watch giant pandas.
  • Stir up your taste buds with the genuine Sichuan food
  • You should also visit the Giant Buddha of Leshan
  • Find the puzzling Sanxingdui Civilization in Sanxingdui Museum
  • Stroll through a brilliant Fairyland in Daocheng and Yading

Magical Yellow Mountains of Huangshan:

It is known for having mountains. The Yellow Mountains, with their oceans of mist, pines, and oddly shaped rocks, and the underground aquifers at the foot of the mountain, attract many visitors. In addition to the fascinating mountains, you should also see the charming surrounding countryside, with its praised spring views, autumnal hues and old towns. Rapeseed flowers in the spring can be good to beat anyone. Must try certain things in Huangshan:

  • Climb the Yellow Mountains and appreciate dawn, dusk, and oceans of mists.
  • Visit the magical city of Huangshan, the specialist dreams.
  • Break to an ideal country world in Bishan town and perceive how specialists have transformed this little region into rustic heaven.
  • Collect how to plan a Huangshan trip for suggestions and insider management


You can find above various destinations to enjoy your Chinese new year. The list of famous Tourist Destinations in Chinese is here if you visit China for New Year Celebrations 2022, must-visit and praise these beautiful spots of Chinese.

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