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Top Airlines Offering Discounted Covid Tests

Although vaccines are being given around the world, in the future, you will likely need to take a negative Covid 19 test if you want to travel for work or leisure. There are various tests on offer that have price and accuracy.


  • See our 'Which Code 19 Test Allows You to Travel' feature for more details.
  • Some hotels also offer tests - see Hotels offer 'rest and test' packages.
  • Now, when you book with them, the airlines have also started offering discounts on tests. Here we develop the various offers available. We will be updating this page regularly with the latest news.

American Airlines:

American Airlines Discounted Covid Tests

The airline has partnered with Qor to offer high-speed Covid 19 tests to UK customers traveling to the UK. Cord provides portable rapid antigen test kits that use a diagnostic lateral flow device (LFD) to detect proteins found inside the virus. Kits are administered via a self-supervised video call for guidance.

Consumers can use these kits to travel to overseas destinations that accept antigen tests and take overseas kits to prepare for a return trip to the UK. Results are available within 20 minutes of sample submission. Check out our review of AA's joint venture and service with One World Partner British Airways here.

Use promo code AATRAVEL15 at checkout to get 15% off. This test will cost £ 33.

British Airways:

British Airways Discounted Covid Tests

The airline has partnered with various passengers who require the Covered 19 test for departing from the UK. Stadak provides PCR and antibody home test kits delivered by courier from home and also offers clinic tests at its centers across London. For the Home Test Kit, the website recommends that you order 1200 before Monday-Friday and deliver it within one business day. The website states that "the majority of customers should receive results within 72 hours of reaching the sample lab."

PCR provides wholesale test kits through Hello Tracked delivery service. Results are provided within 24 hours of receiving samples from the lab.

Medix Spot lets you collect and unload PCR test kits at your nearest test center. Users will get the result in one day.

The Let's Gate Check is designed for people who travel from the United States to the UK. Passengers were ordered to deliver the test to a US address, take the test and send the sample using the free shipping service. Users will receive the result within 72 hours of the sample reaching the lab.

  • CityDoc: Use code BA35 to get a discount. The cost of the test will be 93% (125 for clinic test).
  • Hello: Use the code BritshireShall to get a discount. The test will cost .7 74.76.
  • Let's check: this test costs £ 99, but BA has directed that special discounts be available.
  • Medix Put: Use the BA code to get your discount. The test will cost 6 126.65.
  • Gypsy: Use the code BRITISHAIRWAYS15 to get a 15% discount. The test will cost 166 (for the fast antigen test at the clinic. 111)
  • Easyjet
  • The low-cost carrier has partnered with Rand Randox for pre-departure PCR testing services.

Randox provides home test kits that can be delivered by mail and dropped off at many points across the country. To avail of the discount, enter the Adjust 2021 code at the checkout of the website. Users will receive results within 1-2 days of arriving at the lab.

Emirates Airlines:

Emirates Airlines Discounted Covid Tests

The airline is launching a new discounted Covid 19 pre-departure PCR testing service for its customers. Passengers must download the Truston mobile app to receive PCR tests at low rates at one of Eurofence's global laboratories. The app manages all the information in one place, including locating laboratories, booking appointments, and receiving test results.

The trial is set to begin on Friday in the United Arab Emirates, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Netherlands. The second step in this move (expected in a few months) will increase the number of markets in the app and allow users to use it to verify their test results when checking in at the airport. Û”

During the trial period, users will still need to print the PCR certificate "as far as their destination is concerned according to their current requirements".

Passengers are traveling from the UAE benefit from the preferred rate of AED 130 (130 30).

People are departing from other countries 70 and depending on destination. Will pay between 90.


FinnAir Discounted Covid Tests

Carrier is partnering with Finnish healthcare service company Tervestalo, offering customers the option to pay using lower prices and loyalty points.

Customers are directed to the service through Finnair's website, where they will choose the clinic closest to them for PCR testing. The airline promises that you will receive a coronavirus certificate required by the destination country and that the result and certificate will be prepared "promptly".

You can choose the trial-only option (without a certificate of destination country requirement) through the Oma Terios service. This option is designed for Finnish citizens who return from a high-risk country and want to reduce quarantine by checking in upon arrival.

Finnair customers get a 10% discount. Tests and certificates will cost 23 6,236.50 [ 211.50 for tests only]

Fenner Plus Platinum Lomo, Platinum, and Gold members get a 15% discount. Tests and certificates cost 4 224.75 (for tests only. 199.75)

If you need the original printed paper certificate, it will cost 10. Extra.

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