Purpose: The CouponXoo Scholarship awards a scholarship for any student that is above 18 years old and in a difficult stage of life where they are struggling with study fee due to the effect of COVID-19

Sponsorship: The scholarship is sponsor by CouponXoo

Eligibility: The scholarship is open in the 2021-2022 school year. The CouponXoo Scholarship is open for any citizen or resident all around the world that is above 18 years old, everyone is highly welcome to enter this competition. By submitting an essay following with a given topic and video entry, applicants are completed for the application. Each applicant can only submit 1 time.

Submission Procedures: The applicant will have to submit their application at 11:59 pm on 30th September 2021. After completing all the steps, applicants will have to submit their assignments including video entry and the essay through mail: [email protected]

Submissions that are obscene, pornographic, libellous, or otherwise objectionable will be disqualified. All submissions that are given to the Sponsor will not be returned. The sponsor will not take responsibility for loss, late with or without the reason that is related to technical, internet, electronic, and other technological difficulties.

Scholarship Recipient announcement: The Sponsor will only choose 1 person for the prize based on the rules and rubric and will contact through email. The winner will have to reply within 5 business days of the Sponsor’s notification. The sponsor is not taking any liable action if the Scholarship Recipient is not responding during the award time. In the event of a tie, the Scholarship Recipient will be the Applicant with a higher score in overall quality. The guarantor reserves the right, in its remaining preference, to arrange an alternative Scholarship Recipient if the selected Scholarship Recipient has been excluded or is unless judged unsuitable for any reason. Sponsor is not accountable for any implied Scholarship Recipient intelligence that is lost, prevented or not sustained by the Scholarship Recipient for any cause.

Scholarship Prize: The Scholarship Prize may not be consigned, given, or traded, except at the sole consideration of Sponsor. The Scholarship Prize also may not be comparable to a cash equivalent. The conferring of any Scholarship Prize is contingent upon full acquiescence with these Official Rules. Candidates accept to be dressed by Official Rules and acknowledge that if any Scholarship Recipient disappoints to present the case of character, declines to create and present any inquired tax forms, or is pronounced to have outraged the Official Rules or oppositely does not meet qualification standards, the Scholarship Recipient will sacrifice the Scholarship Prize and the Applicant who offered the Submission with the next highest score will enhance the Scholarship Recipient.

Applicants agree that Sponsor is not answerable for damages, injuries or wounds of any kind resulting from support in The Scholarship and reception, ownership and use of Scholarship Prize. Sponsor is not accountable for any typographical or other mistakes in the page of the proposal, chairman of The Scholarship or the publication of the Scholarship Prize. Taxes on the Scholarship Prize are the sole duty of the Scholarship Recipient.

Ownership: By registering Submission, the applicant accepts and allows that: Sponsor will own your Submission, including your recorded answers, and as between Applicant and Sponsor, Sponsor will have all publishing licenses in and to the Submission. Each Applicant thus irrevocably gratuities, checks, exchanges, commissions and moves to Sponsor all instant and scheduled power, license and concern of every kind and variety whatsoever, including, out control, all copyrights, and all rights incidental, subsidiary, ancillary or allied thereto in and to the Application and the written response submission(s) for exploitation during the world, in eternity, using any communications and materials whether now known or henceforth devised. Applicant irrevocably disclaims all proper rights they may have in the Resignation offered by him or her and hereby declare that such Applicant does not own any benefits in or to the Submission.

Representations and guarantees: By joining The Scholarship and offering your Submission, every Applicant describes and justifies to Sponsor as follows: the Submission, including the reproduced article, is the Applicant's original, before unknown, and earlier unproduced product; Applicant’s article is unique, is not the problem of either genuine or approached prosecution or request; the report neither infringes against nor violates the intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or entity; the essay does not and will not violate any relevant laws, and meets the duration of these Official Rules set forth before. Each Candidate thus corresponds to register and operate the Sponsor sound from and facing any third party requests, activities or circumstances of any manner and any offences, responsibilities, values and accounts comparing to or standing out of any break or alleged breach of any of the guarantees, descriptions or adjustments of Applicant hereunder.

Privacy: By agreeing to register and willing to give personal information to sponsors, you will keep your information confidential without worrying about personal information abuse and leakage of your information.