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Who is Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost Coffee is a Premium, Organic, Single Origin Coffee Company Based On Integrity, Honesty & Elevating Others.

Lifeboost Coffee has a mission: To create a healthy and happily grown coffee into the hands of people who want to be happy and healthy.

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Why Customers Love Lifeboost Coffee

Why Customers Love Lifeboost Coffee

The Healthiest Coffee

Our coffee is 100% chemical-free, non-GMO, shade-grown, fairly traded, and single origin. It’s the healthiest coffee on the planet.

People, Environment, Wildlife

We support farmers with a fair wage, the environment with sustainable farming practices, and wildlife by donating a portion of all profits to protect the plants and animals who live in our coffee regions.

Free Shipping & Easy Returns

We offer free shipping on all orders over $50 and we’re so confident you’ll love Lifeboost Coffee that we guarantee your satisfaction, and will refund you if you’re unhappy (but you won’t be).

Lifeboost Coffee FAQs

How is my order prepared?

Each batch of coffee is roasted on order! Your coffee is so fresh that we actually recommend waiting about 7 days off roast to brew it so the coffee can properly degas. With that, the time it takes for the coffee to degas to reach optimal flavor coincides perfectly with the time it takes for the coffee to ship so you're receiving the freshest coffee possible! Cheers!

When can I expect my order?

We like to get all orders processed within 4-5 business days. Excluding holidays and weekends. We do sometimes have delays if our fresh delivery is behind but it is worth the wait!

Should the coffee have a vacuum seal?

You'll notice that our coffee isn't vacuum sealed. And the reason why is because you don't need it because we roast your coffee on order. A vacuum seal is only needed when buying coffee off the grocery store shelf where the coffee has been sitting for weeks if not months! Our bags contain a one-way valve allowing the coffee to de-gas while minimizing oxidative degradation!

As the coffee you order from us is roasted to order, you're getting the freshest coffee possible! And not the coffee that has been roasted 30+ days ago!

How much coffee is in each bag?

Each bag weighs 12oz - whether bean or ground!

What elevation is your coffee grown at?

When coffee is grown at higher altitudes (at least 5,700ft above sea level), it has a number of beneficial effects on the beans. When you grow coffee at a higher altitude it slows the development and ripening of the beans. This is because the temperature of the environment is cooler which causes the beans to develop more slowly. The slow growth of the beans allows them to absorb more nutrients and become much denser and harder than coffee grows at lower elevations. This means that there are more antioxidants in the beans, which means you will get more out of the coffee you are drinking. Not only is the coffee much more nutrient-dense, but it is also superior in taste. Most expensive high-quality coffees are grown at higher elevations to maximize their flavor.

Is your product tested for mycotoxins?

Yes, we send our beans off for 3rd party testing to ensure our coffee is Mycotoxin-free!

Is your coffee gluten-free?

Yes, our coffee is gluten-free including our flavored coffee!

Where is your coffee produced?

Our coffee is grown in Nicaragua.

Is your coffee single origin?

Yes, all of our coffee comes from the same farm. Coffee being from a “single origin” means that all of the beans come from one area of one farm. This helps to ensure that every bean that goes into your coffee is of the same high quality as all of the others. This also means that all of the beans are processed in the exact same way and roasted the same way. This keeps the other beans from mixing with others, which can affect the flavor of your coffee and introduce foreign things like mycotoxins that may be present in other coffee beans that could be blended in.

How is your decaf processed?

We use the swiss water method The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a non-solvent method for decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans.

The best way to store your coffee is…?

An airtight container that is NOT clear. Place it in a cool, dry place like your pantry. You want your coffee beans or grounds to be away from light, heat, and moisture. Ground coffee and beans can last 6 months in the pantry.

Can you refrigerate your coffee beans or grounds?

No. Coffee grounds will act like baking soda and absorb odors from your fridge which will change the taste profile.

Can you freeze your coffee beans and grounds to make them last longer?

Yes. BUT make sure that they are in a vacuum-sealed bag. This can make the coffee last indefinitely if it’s true in an airtight container.

If you are only storing for a short amount of time, there is no need to freeze the coffee. Let coffee thaw for an hour after you pull it out of the freezer.


What are your shipping destinations?

We currently only ship to U.S. and Canada addresses. We are looking into adding other shipping destinations soon. Please check back with us!

What is the shipping policy that you have?

Orders shipped using Priority mail usually take 5-7 business days, but due to the unpredictable nature of Covid-19, the holidays, and the effects on the shipping industry, deliveries can be delayed.

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