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Vinyl vs CD Sales End of Year Report 2019 - Crazy For Vinyl

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Vinyl is back in a big way, but what about vinyl vs CD sales? For the first time since 1986, vinyl is on track to outsell CDs. Vinyl records almost went extinct in the 1990s after the compact disc took over as the preferred media. Audiophiles and musicians, however, understand that vinyl offers 100% of the original sound whereas digital formats only offer a small percentage of the sound.

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Vinyl Outsells CDs | Mental Floss

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 · Vinyl Record Sales Surpassed CDs for the First Time in Decades. BY Michele Debczak. January 2, 2020. LDProd, iStock via Getty Images. The 2020s have officially begun, but …


Vinyl vs CD Sales End of Year Report 2019 - Crazy For Vinyl

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 · In 2019, the mid year gross sales of CDs was $248 million, and vinyl came in at $224 million. However, with the upward trend of record sales, we estimate that the total sales of CDs will be around $500 million and vinyl sales will slightly eclipse it at around $510 million by year’s end.

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Why you should consider buying music on vinyl, CD and ...

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"As a musician, it's a huge difference between what we make from the sale of a CD, or even a download, let alone vinyl, versus a subscription, which is streaming. The difference is an order of...


Vinyl record sales top CD sales for 1st time since '80s ...

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 · Vinyl records accounted for $232.1 million of music sales in the first half of 2020, compared to $129.9 million from CD sales, a report says.

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Chart: The Rise and Fall of the Compact Disc | Statista

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Amid all the talk of music streaming and the renaissance of vinyl, the continued plummeting of CD sales hasn’t been getting a lot of attention in recent years.According to the Recording Industry ...


More people bought physical CDs and vinyl than songs on ...

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 · Sales of physical media including CDs and vinyl, according to the RIAA’s new report, were down 23 percent but totaled $1.15 billion, thus edging out digital download sales.

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Is Vinyl outselling CDs? - YouTube

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In this one I investigate the claim that Vinyl is outselling CDs. source articles


CDs and vinyl are more popular than digital downloads once ...

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 · CDs and vinyl are more popular than digital downloads once again. New ... digital download sales have fallen so much in the past few years that they’re now smaller than sales of CDs, vinyl


Sales of Vinyl Records Grow; Expected to Outsell CDs

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 · The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) says vinyl sales in 2019 are on pace to outsell compact discs for the first time since 1986. Through the first half of the year, CDs accounted for $247.9 million in music sales to vinyl’s $224.1 million, but vinyl sales are up 13 percent from a year ago while CD sales are flat.

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Why Vinyl Sounds Better Than CD, Or Not : NPR

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Why Vinyl Sounds Better Than CD, Or Not According to Rolling Stone magazine, sales of vinyl albums continue to grow, setting a new record in 2010. Does vinyl reproduce sound better, or is it just ...


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CD Sales Are Not Dying, But They Are Heading Towards Niche ...

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 · It's clear the CD is definitely on its way to being a niche business like vinyl, which was tracked at 8.1 million units by the RIAA. But the CD market, despite its declines, is still four times ...



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This means that the waveforms from a vinyl recording can be much more accurate , and that can be heard in the richness of the sound. But there is a downside, any specks of dust or damage to the disc can be heard as noise or static. During quiet spots in songs this noise may be heard over the music.. Read more ››
However, by any measurable criterion, CDs are superior to LPs. And so are MP3 and AAC files with bit rates above 300k, which in most cases are indistinguishable from CDs. Here are the reasons why: Dynamic range. The difference between the loudest and softest sounds an LP can play is about 70 decibels (dB).. Read more ››
Vinyl is a very environment friendly material, not only because it can be recycled, but also for many other reasons. Vinyl helps in the preservation of environmental resources as 57% of vinyl is made from common salt, which is a renewable natural substance.. Read more ››

Vinyl and cassette sales saw double digit growth last year. Although they continue to be the most popular physical format with over 60 million sales, CDs declined by 18.5 percent in popularity last year, leading to a total decline in physical album sales of over 15 percent.

Jan 6 2019.

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